Stainless Steel Kitchen Trollies

A Stainless Steel Kitchen Trollies is a fully-functional, multi-tasking kitchen appliance that makes it easy to serve food and move items around. It has many uses like, transporting hot or cold food, holding ingredients and other tools, storing food and drinks, as well as being used for displaying decorative objects. Stainless steel kitchen trollies are cabinets with wheels, or casters, on the bottom which help them be easily moved around the kitchen or moved into other areas of the home such as to a patio. Trolleys are the kitchen helpers! They can be used as storage units and mobile food serving stations. The stainless-steel material is of top quality and built to last, adding beauty to your kitchen setup.(minimum works value – 50 running ft)

  • Easy to maintain
  • Premium quality
  • Good quality cabinets
  • Multiple colour option available¬†

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We also undertake Modular, Frameless, Led and Aluminum Railing contract in large quantity.

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