Toughened Glass Partitions

These partition walls are made with Toughened Glass Partitions, which is a safety glass that does not shatter into sharp pieces when it breaks. It contains a process called tempering to make it more resistant to breaking and less likely to break into large sharp pieces. Toughened glass partition is generally made in 10mm, 12mm, or plus (depending upon purpose) with clear toughened glass. There are options of frosted / back-painted / tinted (sandwiched by tinted + clear glass). This can be also protected by using a special type of sticking tape. If required, design/logo on the glass. This glass is made of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with a toughened interlayer. This interlayer contains minute silica particles which on the application of extreme force, break the bond between the layers to prevent damage to the glass and maintain its structural integrity. Toughened glass partitions can be made in various sizes, shapes, and colors. There are different types of toughened glass partitions available on the market depending upon the brand and their quality. These partitions can also be used for office spaces, home, or commercial use.(minimum works value – 50 running ft)

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